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Shopping On The Net Inc.

Consulting Services:   

We consult in the Project Management arena. We provide many avenues of technology and business management services in the consulting industry.

We have managed the work and designs for Information Privacy Protection Processes, Identity theft software evaluations, technology migrations, business solutions to web requirements and much more. We provided CCTV and alarm systems integrations. We provided consultation of the installations of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat8 infrastructure and with the advancement of technology all types of Fiber Optic cabling Single-Mode and Multimode integration and design for small to large campus style layouts.

See some of our clients and projects we have worked on. Purchase a consulting agreement here call us.


Food Services:

We provide for our clients foods from New York and surrounding areas that they could not normally acquire. We provide the logistics in the shipping and delivery departments. We get many product requests in the food industry for areas of the United States and some globally that they cannot obtain. We cover all areas of the market place when working with our clients. We assess if it is right to obtain or are their limitations to the product they need via cost analysis and delivery time of product along with all shipping availabilities.



Search Engine Optimization


Our ubiquitous experience brings you crucial up-to the minute advice to generate maximum search engine optimization results and maximum rapid ROI with all types of companies from technology to manufacturing, software to service and insurance to retail.


Web Design and Support

Internet Marketing of Products to be sold over the internet and local


Professional full featured, creative, turnkey WEB Sites, once only affordable to large corporations are now made affordable to small business and mid-cap corporations. Custom Flash animations high style art direction coupled with custom database engines will provide your company with the next level in business tools.

Our dedicated team of artisans and infrastructure professionals will design a website for your company that not only appeals to your to your clients, flows well and is easy to navigate but Brings new e-commerce revenue to your business. 


Fulfillment Center applications

A Fulfillment company is the keystone to automating any product based business. Order fulfillment services should be chosen to meet the needs of the company and the consumer. While the bottom line is very important, customer satisfaction is equally important. Small businesses must work with a distribution and fulfillment company to ensure their products get delivered accurately and on time.

Once an item sells you'll usually use e-commerce to let the fulfillment service know that they need to ship something. After they get the order they can take your merchandise, package the item and then ship the item to the purchaser|buyer. Once the item ships the fulfillment service will update the inventory and you'll often be told in regards to what has shipped and what's left in inventory on a regular basis.

Processing orders, picking, packing, shipping and customer service are all costly services that add up. Hiring one part-time employee for customer service tasks such as processing returns and complaints can get very costly. We begin your fulfillment strategy by giving you a custom service quotes specifically for your operations and business needs. We begin by:

1. Making the most of order fulfillment options and by customizing your service agreement.

2. We starting your e-commerce business off on the right foot with complete fulfillment services.

3. We keep your customer in mind with great integrity so the profits will follow.



Phone Review Auditing


For years businesses have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because they were unable to detect billing mistakes and unprepared to recover their rightful monies. Until now. Phone Review enables businesses of all sizes, in all industries, to recover overpayments made to their telecom carriers and protect themselves from being improperly charged in the future.


LTL Trucking Auditing

LTL / FTL Services & Solutions

  • Un-biased Partnerships with Carriers (No Commissions from Carriers)
  • Standardized Rate Base / Savings based fee structure
  • Instant Carrier Funding Practices -No Accounts Receivable Float
  • No Up-front Financial Investment
  • Gain-share Funded Freight Management Services
  • Complete Program Transparency
  • Scalability / Flexibility


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